"My name is Marina and I have a neurological disorder that makes it difficult for me to find employment despite holding a degree in English Literature.

My disorder affects the left side of my body and has given me some minor learning disorders which make me do many things at a slower than average pace. I also need a lot of rest. Collecting refundable cans and bottles is flexible work that allows me to respect my brain and body's limits; I often use a shopping cart as a walker or cane replacement."



2015 - 2018





Creation of the Coop Les Valoriste


  • The provincial government decides to consider the abolition of the beverage container deposit system in the action plan of the Quebec's Policy plan for waste management

    Strategy 8 (French text)

  • Visit to the recycling cooperative in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Cooperlazaro

2005 - 2011

PROJET CONSIGNE — Similar to what is done in Vancouver and Brazil, but on a smaller scale, Projet Consigne was created in 2004 by Marina (valoriste) and Marica (project manager) eco-quartier Peter-McGill [2].

The project offers free collection points for refundable containers within businesses of downtown Montreal.

Established in 2005, without advertising nor grant, the pilot project was developed with the help of a person having difficulty entering the labor market, in order to test the possibility of implementing a larger collection system to Downtown Montreal. [3]

After 6 years there are nearly 110,000 containers were recovered by foot by Marina!